Is it hot in here or is it just us? Give us a call, we can help with ceiling fan installation to cool off your living spaces!


Concrete bollards are required when installing a main service on a driveway. City and PG&E codes. It has to be buried 2' deep, and 4' tall filled with concrete. 


Dedicated circuits are a must for your bathrooms. If you run your hair dryer along with somthing else and the circuit trips then that means you are overloading the circuit and you need to have a dedicated circuit to your bathroom GFCI receptacle. 

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Get ready for the summer!!!! Fan installation.  Mention "web offer" and receive a 10% discount on all fan/fan outlet installations!!!!

We NES would like to thank all of our customers for you business throughout this year.

We wish you and you loved ones a very happy holiday season. 

NFL team Arizona Cardinals just replaced their stadium lights from high usage to LED.

Already have saved from frequent power outages they have had.

Why not upgrade to your home/business to save energy and bill cost??? 

Yelp class action

Just found out that Yelp now has a settlement for companies to pay to have all bad reviews removed.

NES will NEVER pay any money to this company to remove reviews.  We truly believe that this should be an honest experience with NES.

We are an honest company to serve our clientele the best experience with electrical contractors that can be best serviced in our community.


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